Hi there, we’re currently updating our Terms and Conditions, as well as our Privacy Statement – for any urgent questions please contact us at hello@walterandbenjamin.be – we’ll be happy to help! (really).

Just so you don’t get a bit worried here are the basics:

– We try our utmost best to keep everything happening on this website super-secure;

– We abide by Belgian consumer law (14 calendar days return policy etc.);

– We keep your communications/orders/comments for a certain time because the law obliges us to;

– When you buy stuff, you will either pay through Stripe or PayPal. The only payment-based details we hold on our site is how much you’ve spent and whether you paid with Stripe or PayPal;

– BPost or PostNL delivers your stuff within (XXX days after confirmation of your order);

– We use social media a lot, partly to promote our stuff but mostly as a vehicle for ego-validation. We use some tracking on our website to get smarter about selling stuff but we’re not evil;

– It is still possible that information is incomplete – If you have questions about e.g. sizes, colour, availability, delivery time or delivery method, please contact us in advance;

– The offer is always valid as long as stocks last and can be adjusted at any time or revoked.